Martian cloudscape over the Southern Ocean


It looks like Mars, but this surface is the top of layer clouds over the Southern Ocean (Southern Pacific sector, 69S, 150W) as seen by MODIS in Worldview. There is great variability in the cloud heights across this scene (mostly shallow and mid-topped, with some high clouds). This is clearly seen in the variability in MODIS-derived cloud top temperature.

And here is the scene in MODIS channels 3-6-7:



This is a location where CALIPSO indicates clouds with tops at multiple levels:

/data/BROWSE/production/V3-30/2014-01-15/2014-01-15_00-52-01_V3.30_1_1.png image missing
CALIOP 532 nm backscatter. Region corresponding to MODIS image at far left (65-70S)

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