Mesoscale cloud arcs over the Southern Ocean

These cloud arcs seen in Worldview, with a shallow cumulus field below 1 km and extended arcs of deeper cloud to 3 km are quite remarkable. CALIPSO provides amazing information about the cloud heights, see below:

/data/BROWSE/production/V3-30/2015-03-25/2015-03-25_04-05-03_V3.30_1_1.png image missing


Open cells off the Washington coast

Excellent case of open cells of the Washington coast seen with WorldView, Turning to cumulonimbus onshore. April 1st 2015. It was the loudest thunder I ever heard in Seattle.

The image below shows a zoomed in portion, this time using the 3-6-7 MODIS channel blend (0.4,1.6,2.1 micron). Look carefully at the centers of the open cells. Quite a few have little patches of what I take to be evaporating precipitation/cloud. They actually show up slightly blue in the 3-6-7 blend.